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In the U.S., families of all kinds can be created, including those involving same-sex partners. Like traditional families, these families need the same legal protections and counsel when it comes to family law issues, such as prenuptial agreements, marriage, divorce, custody disputes, and more. These issues can be even more complicated for these couples due to additional complex factors particular only to LGBT relationships. 

At Menar & Menar, Attorneys at Law, we take pride in serving same-sex couples in and around Monmouth County. Whether you are entering into a marriage or partnership or looking to make a life change that falls under New Jersey family law, we can help. We bring more than 15 years of experience, including trial work, to your case. With dedicate assistance from us in all facets of the legal process, you can move forward with security and peace of mind.

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Same-Sex Issues in Family Law

Same-sex issues in family law can be both similar and different from those pertaining to traditional couples. 

These issues can include:

  • Marriage. Planning for future contingencies is always beneficial. This can mean ensuring that you have a valid prenuptial agreement in place that can protect you in terms of assets, property, and other financial arrangements should your marriage end in divorce. 
  • Divorce or termination of a domestic partnership or civil union. These processes will involve a fair division of assets according to equitable distribution or New Jersey partnership laws. Alimony is another issue that can be complicated and subject to court hearings in a New Jersey divorce.
  • Children. Where marriages and divorce take place, the matter of children can have unique aspects for same-sex partners. These can relate to adoption, custody, and child support. Custody can be complex for non-biological parents or parents who have not adopted their partner’s biological child. 

Our firm can also provide assistance with such matters as cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, postnuptial agreements, legal name changes, creating a legal relationship between a non-biological parent and a child, surrogacy, and adoption rights. 

Whether you are considering marriage, divorce, or how to expand your family, your first step should be to understand your rights under New Jersey law and how those laws can impact your unique circumstances. At Menar & Menar, Attorneys at Law, our goal is to give you the skilled guidance needed in pursuit of your legal goals.

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