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What Type of Cases Are Handled in Family Court?

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I like to offer the reader an overview of what is dealt with in the Family Part. I will cover one topic at a time.

Every county in the State of New Jersey has a family law dedicated court. The Chancery Division, Family Part is fully dedicated to the handling on matrimonial dissolution matters, docketed FM, non-dissolution matters, docketed FD, domestic violence matters, docketed FV, child protection, docketed FN, violation of domestic violence restraining orders, docketed FO, adoptions, docketed FA, juvenile delinquency, docketed FJ. There are a few

In addition to the statutes and precedent that govern family law practice in New Jersey, you must also become familiarized with the New Jersey Court Rules. Family practice is specifically codified in Part V of the New Jersey Court Rules.

  1. FM cases: are divorce, dissolution of civil unions, annulments, etc. These matters are initiated by the filing of a Complaint by the Plaintiff.
  2. FD cases: are non-dissolution matters, custody, parenting time, child support, primarily utilized for parties that have children in common, but are not married to each other or parties that are not married, but not ready for a divorce action. These matters are initiated with the filing for an Application for Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time.
  3. FV cases: are domestic violence matters, which are initiated with the filing of a Temporary Restraining Order, under the Domestic Violence Act. A TRO can be requested at the Family Court during court hours of operation or at a police department outside of those hours.
  4. FN cases: are the cases initiated by Department of Child Protection & Permanency, DCP&P. Usually these cases are initiated by the filing of an Order to Show Cause and eventually a Complaint to seeking relief to protect the child from further abuse and neglect.
  5. FO cases: are the cases related to the violation of a domestic violence act restraining order. The violation can be of a TRO or of a Final Restraining Order, FRO. The Complaint is filed by the State of New Jersey against the Defendant.
  6. FA cases: are the adoption matters. These cases are initiated by the filing of a Complaint for Adoption.
  7. FJ cases: are the juvenile delinquency matters. These cases are initiated by the filing of a juvenile criminal complaint filed by the State of New Jersey against the Defendant.

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